The Logo of AAS — Attitudinal Awareness in the Society is not just a simple colour graphic. AAS can be understood through the thought process behind its Logo. Beginning with the colours in the Logo.

Yellow, the colour of happiness, optimism, of enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and spring. represents every newborn child, growing into a new creative, optimistic, enlightened and happy child.

Pink a perfect mix of two colours, Red and White, a mix of the characters of both colours. Red lends the lust for action, White the opportunity to achieve success and insight. The resulting Pink reflects unconditional love, understanding, and is associated with giving and receiving care.

Deep Pink. Deeper the shade of pink, the more passion and energy it radiates. Passion and power of Red softened with the purity and opennessof White completes the meaning of the Deep Pink colour.

Coming to the acronym AAS in the Logo, the first letter A in Yellow represents the age group from a newborn to a female kid.The second letter A in Pink represents the young females. The third letter S in Deep Pink represents the guidance and experience of adult females gifted to world in the shape of flower in logo.

All this culminating in the tag line